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NEW! dr Seidel horse supplements

March 21, 2024

dr Seidel's line for horses has been expanded to include specialized supplements: Electrolyte balance powder - compensates for electrolyte losses due to excessive sweating Skin & hoof granulate - supports hoof and skin regeneration Muscle granulate - supports preparation for athletic performance and recovery Joints granulate - improves joint condition Breathe granulate - supports the respiratory system Calm granulate - supports anxiety and stress. With the variety of Dr. Seidel brand supplements available, horse owners can effectively support the health and well-being of their charges by tailoring supplementation to their individual needs. Supplemental nutrients are essential for maintaining a healthy coat, hooves, joints, muscular condition and overall physical performance of horses, especially those active in sports. Dr. Seidel brand supplements are available in the form of apple-flavored granules, making them particularly attractive and eagerly eaten by horses.