Online Dog Olfactory Conference

November 2, 2020

DermaPharm Laboratory and the Dr Seidel Foundation, as main sponsors, invite all stakeholders and science enthusiasts to the first international online Dog Olfactory Conference organised by Ethoplanet. The conference will take place on 7 November 2020. The event will focus on the enormous potential of the dog’s sense of smell and the latest training techniques that enable us to use the olfactory capabilities of dogs in various areas of our society. The lectures will centre around dogs’ detection of diseases, drugs and explosives. During the meeting, the findings of latest research on the use of dogs for detecting Covid-19 in humans will be presented, This may become the quickest method of initial screening. The conference will be attended by excellent speakers, with great experience and renowned in their fields. Each of our speakers made breakthrough achievements on how to cooperate with dogs detecting odours: Prof. Tadeusz Jezierski, Prof. Simon Gadbois, Dr Przemysław Cwynar, Prof. Michał Dzięcioł, ppłk SG Wioletta Grabowska, Prof. Antoni Szumny, Dr Thangavel Rajagopal, Dr Agata Kokocińska-Kusiak and Martyna Woszczyło – doctor of veterinary medicine. The panel on Covid-19 detection will be led by doctor of veterinary medicine, Anna Matczuk, PhD, who will discuss diagnostic strategies during the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic. Prof. Anna Hielm-Bjorkman and Prof. Dominique Grandjean will present a recently popular topic: detecting carriers of COVID-19 by dogs. The event will be held entirely in English.
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