New – 5 snacks by Dr Seidel for cats

December 9, 2020

Our product range has been expanded by five NEW snacks. We have prepared them to meet the needs of cats which often suffer from various health problems. The snacks contain many valuable ingredients perfectly complementing the diet and an excellent treat between meals.
1. Snacks for senior cats
Contain lecithin and Omega-3. They improve memory and increase immunity.
2. Smakołyki na zdrowy układ moczowy dla kotów
Contain cranberries and L-methionine. Created for cats suffering lower urinary tract diseases.
3. Healthy liver snacks for cats
Contain milk thistle. They have a positive effect on the work and natural regeneration of the liver and facilitate digestion.
4. Snacks for increased vitality for cats
Contain dried hemp flowers – a natural source of CBD. They increase the vitality of the pet, improving its immunity, condition and general well-being. They also reduce the body’s vulnerability to stressful situations.
5. Low-calorie snacks for cats
Contain linseed expeller – a source of dietary fibre. Specially developed for cats with weight problems or overweight.